Women's Blues - Wednesday 1st November 2017 - Cardiff Away

After watching the men thrash Cardiff, the women were ready to repeat their performance. The warm up began with half of the team lining the edge of the pitch to relieve themselves, obviously mistaking the bushes for the DJ booth at Parkend. We then quickly progressed to a hard-core rendition of ‘Bike Engine’. With bladders empty and hearts full, the game began with Cardiff’s Red Army starting as aggressively as expected. A slow start from Oxford attack meant Cardiff managed to put away a few goals but their momentum was slowed with a well- placed time-out to make the score at half time 4-3 to Oxford. With tensions high and Cardiff tempers even higher, Oxford started the second half stronger with good draw control by Feenie and better decision making in attack. A few blows to the head left Zoe’s arch nemesis even angrier, but this only encouraged Zoe, who rarely ventures into attack, to put a goal away herself! By the fourth quarter, Oxford were well on their way with a series of beautiful goals and solid defence, to make the final score 10-6 to Oxford. MOM went to Becky Robinson for her tireless work both in defence and attack throughout the game.

Georgia Bacon

Admin edit: Georgia received DOD for relieving herself onto her own mouth guard.