18 - Robert Conway

AGE - 22

HEIGHT - 5' 9"

DEGREE - Medicine, 5th year

COLLEGE - Green Templeton College


No one at the club quite remembers Rob Conway’s lacrosse debut, or where exactly he came from. (Notwithstanding, of course, the slanderous rumours about him having played - wait for it - mixed lacrosse. Enough said.) One thing, though, is clear: Cob doesn’t do half-measures, and when he arrived he was here to stay. As captain in his fifth year of playing, Cob can look back on a successful lacrosse career and an outstanding social career. No one knows better how to drink from a shoe in At Thai, or where to find the grime and grit in Oxford’s sometimes pedestrian nightlife. With a penchant for the clean-shaven and youthful, lampposts and VKs, Cob has certainly made an impression on more than a few lucky pupils students. 
 What few of them know, though, is that these things don’t just happen, and it’s both determination and hard work which have led to Cob’s success, on and off the field. As a captain, Cob sets the tone. He’s more determined than ever to bring the Varsity trophy back to Oxford, and his team follow him. 


Iroquois Vice Captain 2014,
OULC Vice President 2015-6
Men's Social Sec 2015-6
OULC President 2016-7
Blues Co-Captain 2017-8