Mixed - Sunday 19th November 2017 - Southampton Away

The mixed team started the day with a lovely half hour of sightseeing around Winchester, after Gwen managed to misread google maps and allow 2 hours for a 1 hour journey to Southampton (she insists that she was her team’s navigator on D of E - we’re not convinced). After a 21-5 win against the ‘Southampton Sharks’ 2nd team last week (thanks to some of our players’ experience at adeptly dealing with sharks) we were ready for a more challenging but equally rewarding game against their 1sts. The game started with two rapid shovel shots, and then continued more gracefully with fluid fast breaks, some great pick and rolls and numerous free positions, awarded to Oxford thanks to lots of over zealous defence from Southampton.

Oxford D put up an excellent performance against some strong attackers. Southampton struggled to convert, relying on huge passes in their transition and 1v1 drives to goal. Neat marking, aggressive double teams and some great interceptions kept Southampton at bay; when they did manage to break through, Junseo was there to save the day with incredible saves and clears, and was awarded man of the match.

Final score Oxford 13-6 Southampton
MVP: Junseo Yoon
DOD: Gwenyth Audran