2 - Rishi Goel

AGE - 22

HEIGHT - 5' 7"

DEGREE - MSc in Integrated Immunology

COLLEGE - Oriel College



Rishi graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Michigan with highest honors and highest distinction in Biochemistry.

In addition to his coursework, Rishi was involved in biomedical research with an emphasis on immune diseases. As an undergraduate, he worked to develop a vaccine-based therapy for food allergy. Rishi has also received several fellowships to support external projects, including a Modell Scholarship at Harvard Medical School and an Amgen Scholarship at Columbia University. Outside of the lab, Rishi directed the TEDxUofM conference on campus and worked as a Study Group Facilitator through the UM Science Learning Center. He was also active in the community and volunteered weekly with Food Gatherers and CS Mott Children’s Hospital.

Rishi is currently reading for an MSc in Immunology. He hopes to pursue a career in academic medicine.


Rishi is widely recognized as the biggest NARP on the team. Rumor has it that he attended a single circuit training session all season; however, his play shows no evidence of this unlikely event. Having played lacrosse competitively in the US, Rishi has never returned to form after knee surgery.​