​It was a slow start in the sunny south for the women’s lacrosse 1st team. Although we had a few goals under our belts, the greens had sneaked a lucky few more and were in the lead. At half time we convened for a huddle where we decided that a win was well within our sweaty grasp and we would go out and give it our all. The tangfastics clearly did the trick as we were all fired up and soon brought the score to 5-5. The only way was up from there and we put away 4 goals leaving Exeter feeling blue. To highlight our dedication, myself and the delightful Georgia Bacon put our bodies on the line in front of goal and not without one fatality. My trusty Brine Empress weapon was fatally injured and resembled the subordinate hockey stick. The fumble is in fact what has given me dick of the day. With the Blues pulling ahead Exeter tried to break our stride by calling a timeout. This tactic was in fact inept as by this point our eyes were firmly focused on the big win. A few more goals from Ex and a few from Ox kept the fans on their toes but with one minute to go we were still in the lead by a strong three goals. Our final tactic was to hold the ball and make those green girls chase us which inevitably resulted in a victory for oxford and some disappointed looking opposition. All in all, it was a well fought match by Exeter and another win for the Blues.

Bea Webber

Women's Blues - Wednesday 25th October 2017 - Exeter Away