Women's Swifts - Wednesday 25th October 2017 - Warwick Away

DOD: Becky Torrance

The swifts got off to a really good start with some excellent parallel parking from Fia Cattermole (assisted by Katie Davies), which was so greatly admired by the onlookers in the other van that it led to many dropped jaws and applause. 
The game itself also started off on a really positive note, with Oxford scoring the first two goals in quick succession, and, at 4-1 up, Warwick were forced to take a time out. They returned from this with renewed determination; after a drop in energy from Oxford and some quick fast-break goals from Warwick which threw us off our stride, they pulled it back to 5-4. 
Despite retaining the lead, we decided to take a time out in which we rekindled our desire to fight for the win, and having re-organised ourselves we went out to finish the first half strongly with some great goals bringing the score up to 7-4. 
After gorging on jelly babies and tangfastics, the second half continued in a similar vein to the end of the first. Warwick seemed at a loss as to how to deal with our draw-and-dump attacking strategy and our super aggressive fights for the ground balls. The whole 30 minutes ran smoothly, with our midfield transitions being a particular highlight, but we also showed some great control in both defence and attack, and there were some amazing saves from Dani. 
It’s also worth a mention that whilst all this was going on the team engaged in a risqué version of bib swapping as we substituted on and off the field (thanks to my failure to have either a team top or a bib with me). 
All in all, it was a well fought match and we finished on a very strong score of 13-6 to take home the win.