Men's 2nds - Saturday 10th February 2018 - SEMLA East 3 - Hitchin A Home

Morning, Saturday 10th Feb

The giant-killers were back at it again this weekend. First, they let Spencer 4s get to the top of the league, and then they beat them, and now it was Hitchin 2s turn. Bright and early in Horspath the boys were met with a cold, unpleasant and miserable morning, a perfect day for lacrosse. 

Oxford started the game on the back foot, a hard first quarter saw missed chance after missed chance combined with the Hitchin keeper being eager to carry the ball for the whole of their team, end to end only for that chance to be stopped by the Oxford defence. Hitchin A saw out the quarter 2-0 up. 

At quarter time the captains and coach Brucie imbued the team with inspiring words of wisdom and guidance, the squad came out level headed and determined. Josh Yeoman opened the scoring with a quick goal assisted by Oli and got the juices going for the team to step it up. Next a fast break offered Matt Stamp a fast break opportunity to go one on one with a Hitchin pole, beat him and a bury a rocket on the run, top bins. The goals came flooding in for Ox; with Rhodes, Oli and Alex all getting in on the action, leaving them 6-2 up going into half time. 

The third quarter had a lacklustre start again seeing the orange Hitchin scoring three quick goals to close the gap with Oxford getting one earlier in the quarter thanks to a great individual effort by Oli to get his second of the day. The gap was closed to 7-5 and Ox needed to recollect and get back on it. A simple feed and shot combo from AFP and Josh added a third goal to our lead. 

Final quarter and this was it, Oxford 2s had beaten Spencer, come back from a hefty deficit to draw against Epsom and were eager to seal the win over the league leaders. Both teams got a couple of goals apiece before the Hitchin wheels came off and Ox put the game to rest, not before the wet weather finally got the better of Matt’s dinky little ankles, requiring a strong and stable Rhodes assistance to depart the field.

Final Score Oxford 2s – 12: Hitchin A – 7