The men’s seconds team set off to central London on bright autumnal Saturday to face the Spencer thirds team. Full of lacrosse freshers (and a few hidden blues), the team was hoping that a combination speed, perseverance and boyish good looks would triumph over the more experienced, older and beer-bellied opposition.

The events which earnt me the privilege of writing this report were the result of somewhat erratic driving on the way to the game - several wrong turnings led to much wasted time appreciating expensive houses in the London traffic. As a result most of us arrived at the grounds 10 minutes before faceoff - all the time really needed for a thorough warm up. We all enjoyed a few hurried minutes of opening gates, releasing badgers and dropping the ball in the line drill before the ref ushered us onto the field for the start of the match.

The game was unfortunately a rather one sided affair. Despite a valiant effort by our boys right to the end, and an impressive attempt on goal from goalie Steve Hayes, the dominance of the enemy team was too much for us.

The bruising game also injured two important blues players; midfielder Cob and goalie Steve. Steve with an injured wrist and Cob with a fractured jaw. Thankfully Cob is a 4th year medic, so was on hand to self diagnose his injury as a chipped tooth and to assure the worried ref that the injury definitely wasn’t jaw related.

With perhaps the best teams of the league now behind them, the seconds look to the future with confidence, hopeful that the rapidly improving fresh talent will yield them victory at this weeks game at home.

Final score: Spencer 22, Oxford nil.

Men's 2nds - Saturday 15th October 2016 - SEMLA East 2 - Spencer 3s Away