Men's 2nds - Saturday 21st October 2017 - SEMLA East 3 - Hitchin A Away

With only 4 boys who had played before it was set to be a very interesting four quarters. 

Alex Harbord led the face offs which proved to be an area of our strength which we used to start some impressive breaks. The level of skill in attack was very high, with relatively few dropped balls. The offense ran kept hitchin's Defense on their toes and led to two goals being scored by Jake. We all cheered when Affie sent the ball into the back of the net only to be told that a foot in what was a very oversized crease prevented us from increasing our score to three. Later on in the match James Rhodes had a brief lie down after a hefty collision with a Hitchin's defender.

Hitchin's we're often very quick off the mark when it came to the counter attack but one was put to bed rapidly by a flailing stick to the neck wielded by Rob. This was subsequently followed by Rob tacking a few whacks from a very disgruntled Hitchin's attacker.

In defense the level of skill improved from quarter to quarter as the two new defenders started to link what they had learned in their many hours of practice to a match situation. It was a very physical game in defense and featured a collosal hit by David that sent Hitchin's number one tumbling. Whilst there was a tremendous effort made by the defense the experience of three ex-international Hitchin's players led to 25 goals being conceeded. Ruff, the man of the match, had a cracking game in goal and prevented this number from being significantly higher. 

After the match, we were invited to team tea at a local pub. To David's embarrassment this pub was owned by the Hitchin's player that he had mercilessly steamrolled and turned out to be 63. The menu was a somewhat spicy chilly con carne paired with a fine selection of local Ales. There was a minimum £10 card limit meaning that Tom had no choice but to buy two. The landlord also informed us of a large lacrosse social that will be taking place there in a few weeks to which we were all invited ( watch this space).

I would like to express my thanks to Alex Harbord for leading the seconds through such a difficult match and for driving the mini bus.

Hitchin 25 - 2 Oxford IIs

MOTM - Alex Ruff
DOTD - David Richardson