Men's 2nds - Saturday 25th November 2017 - SEMLA East 3 - Cambridge Eagles Home

Almost everyone was up bright and early for an 1130 faceoff against the Cambridge Eagles. The first half was extremely intense. Cambridge were very dominant at the face off but that did not deter Affie and Calum who continued to contest fiercely throughout the match. The Cambridge offense was incredibly quick and spent a lot of time in our half but they were met with fierce resistance from our defence. Our defence lived the mantra of “big big little little” leading to excellent positioning that stopped many advances dead in their tracks. Alistair played a crucial role in defence, his physicality was quickly noted by Cambridge, who became very wary of him, and sought to avoid him at every possible opportunity. Whilst Cambridge managed to sneak in five goals in the first half this number would have been much greater were it not for the excellent goal keeping ability of The Wall. The Cambridge defence proved very strong but one of our attacks was cut short by an outrageous cross check that sent Ollie flying.

At some point during the second quarter David woke up. As soon as he saw the time he immediately knew that he would be writing the match report. To his horror he was told that the earliest a taxi would be able to drive him to Uni Parks would be in 20 minutes, i.e. 20 minutes less of Lacrosse. So he sprinted as quickly as he could to the pitch arriving warmed up and ready to join Oxford’s defensive ranks (after several minutes spent apologising for such poor form).

In the second half Oxford finally manged to get some goals onto the score card. As usual, some fantastic play at LSM by Tom resulted in some excellent attacking opportunities. Ben assisted beautifully by Callum managed to find the back of the net. A while later Ollie beat his defender to take the score to two. Ciaran, having practiced a lot of shooting in training backed himself enough to also having an attempt on goal. After impressively wrestling the ball off a Cambridge attacker and running the length of the pitch, the finish was rather disappointing. However, Ciaran assured us that he knew what he was doing and that it had been a “possession shot.” In defence, David was determined to pack an entire games worth of aggression into one half. The unfortunate casualty was the Cambridge number 8 who was hammered into the ground by David’s slide. Sometime later Tom was hit by a stray ball in a delicate region and responded by shouting the word “Cambridge” at the top of his voice. Cob deemed this to be unsportsmanlike and thought that it would be best if Tom spent a while thinking about his choice of words on the side line, whilst simultaneously trying to get over the pain. This led to some excellent zonal defending by the remaining defenders. Unfortunately, after a hard fought match (half match in David’s case) the final score was 11-2.

MotM – Alistair Garfoot
DotD – David Richardson

Final score  Cambridge 11-2 Oxford