The Oxford Blues headed south on Saturday to take on the Southampton Tridents men’s lacrosse team. With the sun beating down on the 3g turf, the pitch was warm for early February – pathetic fallacy? Look below, dear reader…

The whistle blew, and Ed ‘Tank’ Smith quickly gained possession for the Blues. Alongside midfielders Gabe ‘Nice one England-Academy’ Barrie and George ‘Whitley-Bay’ Dury, the Three Horseman of the Apocalypse went to work on Southampton's defense. The Blues had trouble finding the net early on, with plenty of opportunities but (sort of) hindered by the opposition keeper (and crossbar). Things soon opened up, with Toby Hardache, Jack Son-of-Mark, Mac Howells and Cobert Ronway finding the twine. With snappy catch-throw and relentless dodging, the goal count began to rise at an alarming rate. On the defensive side, Tim ‘Hoover’ Sweere, Cameron ‘Blitzkrieg’ Montgomery and James ‘Jammo’ (not that one, dear reader) Kershaw held off the timid Southampton counterattack; stone wall, stone stops from goalie, Steve ‘Stoner’ Hayes were quickly converted into cleared balls by defensive midfielders Sean ‘Wavey’ Hopkins, Shamus ‘Barry Chuckle’ Birch and Matthew ‘Ssssssnake’ Shed, restarting the abusive scoring process.

At the full whistle, a battered Southampton retired from the field which had been dominated start to finish by the team effort of the Oxford Blues. Watch out, Tabs.

Final Score 19 - 1

Men's Blues - Tuesday 7th February 2017 - BUCS South Prem - Cardiff Away