Friday morning. Affie Otunla awoke at 6.28am, eager to go to lacrosse training. Unfortunately for Affie, training this morning had been cancelled due to ice and injury. He would havd to wait to play lacrosse. Lacrosse had become a way of life for the young medic, who enjoyed showing off the bruises he acquired to various Tinder matches in Park End VIP. His mum had even helped him purchase some OULC stash, cementing his commitment to the team.

11am. The Blues teamsheet is sent out by medics senior to young Affie. He has made the cut. He'll be representing the 1sts against Welwyn the following morning. Affie spent the rest of that day in a fugue state of excitement, constantly hitting the wall and practising his GBs. During this day he managed to master the art of reading Gray's Anatomy whilst switching hands. He was hyped. He wanted to do his team proud.

At 11.30am the team assembled at Iffley. Young Affie, however, despite his eagerness was not meeting the team at Iffley. He had realised that the huge sense of excitement that had been building inside him all Friday was actually for the Varsity Ski Trip, which young Affie had totally forgot he was going on, rather than for the lacrosse match.

The 11 man squad arrived and after warming up with Uni of Hertfordshire's Women's American Football team, the match got ubder way. Welwyn had an impressive FO - with onlt 2 poles Oxford took a while to switch on and control their offensive threats. The first quarter was a tit-for-tat game. Notably Captain Cob managed to score despite lying inside the crease...

With renewed hussle the boys came out fighting. Excellent work on the wing from Matt Stamp and current top scorer Ryan Power won Oxford multiple possessions. Plays from Pete "Has anyone else got cleats?" Barrie and Rishi "No goal"Goel gave Oxford lots of great looks in attack. They also managed to capitalise on man up plays, with Pete burning some 3G with his high powered shots. In defence, Oxford worked to contain any offensive threats despite Captain Cameron and Iroquois Captain Ciaran being the only poles on the pitch. The team welcomed back Alex Ruff, who showcased his trademark "ankle breaker" saves. James Rhodes heroically stepped up to play short stick straight defence and Oli Browne worked well to prevent any threats coming from attempted Welwyn midfield dodges. Perhaps most obvious was the inability of the Welwyn team to deal with the speed of Jefferson Smith's brand new replacement ankle: time after time Jefferson used to wheels to pass not 1, not 2,but 2 Welwyn defenders, before slotting the ball neatly past the keeper.

Unfortunately the lack of subs and difficulties in defence meant that Oxford were unable to stop Welwyn from scoring,but the Dark Blues worked very well in attack, creating great looks for each other.

Young Affie was sat in Folie Douce. He put down his Aperol Spritz to check the Whatsapp. An unfortunate defeat: perhaps young Affie would have made the difference

Oxford 12 - 16 Welwyn Warriors

Pete (6, 0)
Cob (2, 6)
Rishi (0, 2)
Jeff (2, 0)
Ryan (2, 0)

Men's Blues - Saturday 2th December 2017 - SEMLA East 1 - Welwyn Warriors 2s Away