Men's Blues - Saturday 3rd February 2018 - SEMLA Intermediate Flags - Spencer 3s Away

5am, 4th February 2018, Cambridge. Will Barrie wakes up in a cold sweat and sits bolt upright in the bed. 
"No! Not Alistair Berven!", he screams. 
Brother Gabe sits up on his bedroom floor,
"Everything okay?"
"Uh yeah sure, just dreaming about varsity."

8am, 4th February, The North. Stay-on LSM, man-up specialist, man-down specialist and X attackman Alistair Berven wakes up from a calm and restful sleep filled with dreams of shoeing tabs and representing England in the upcoming world championships, ready for the big scrimmage against Durham.

10am, 4th February, also The North. George Dury, with the help of an unsuspecting passerby, removes himself from the wheely bin he slept upside down in last night,
"Werr t'ell am ay?"
No, dear reader, I don't understand either.


2pm, 3rd February, London. The Oxford Blues face-off against Spencer in the Quarter final of flags. Q1 sees extended periods of Oxford possession with dodge after dodge from OULC stalwart Ed '26 is the outside shooter' Smith giving plenty of looks for attackmen Rishi 'my knee' Goel, Cob 'ring my bell' Ronway and LSM Gabe Barrie. Despite this, strong Spencer slides and solid goalkeeping kept the scoring low at 1-1.

Q2 saw Oxford squeeze into the lead with the help of strong short stick defence from freshers Andrew 'the shark' Bithell and Ryan 'fear the turtle' Power, assisted by the ever consistent GBs from James 'Charlie' Kershaw and Dutch 'Dutch' Dutch. Captain Monty fortunately stuck around long enough to hassle the Spencer attack into numerous mistakes, before making a sharp getaway at the final whistle to pursue another "turbo chirpse". Solid goalkeeping from ski captain Ben Reeves also kept Spencer at bay. This was another quarter of strong dodging, with Alex Harbord getting in the mix with his famous right-to-right split dodge.

Oxford somewhat switched off in Q3 and allowed Spencer to ease back into the game to take a 1 goal lead, although did see a late bid for best male actor at the 2018 Oscars in an impassioned performance by Rishi Goel, bringing a tear to Captain Monty's eye.

Oxford came back out firing in the final quarter and showed that match winning drive which has seen them take the start of 2018 by storm in a 5-game winning streak. Crucial goals from LSM Gabe Barrie and the ever mesmerising Alistair Berven, supported by the dodging of Theodore 'black tie' Hayes, Jefferson Smith and Frosty the Snowman, saw Oxford secure a crucial 12-9 win. Although this was not before Captain Cob took a slash to the head, screaming "you've rung my bell". Concussion you ask? No, dear reader, not that head...


11.30pm, Oxford. Andrew is disturbed by a late phone call. He answers the incoherent babbling, but can just about make out the words "I miss you Bithell". 
"Oh Theodore," he replies, "You do make me chuckle."
Andrew is then disturbed by another surprise call and answers to more drunken babbling. 
"I miss you Tom"
"Wrong number Cob", Andrew says, hanging up the phone. 
You wouldn't believe it, but Andrew receives yet a third phone call. This time he answers to violent weeping. 
"She stood me up!"
"Oh Monty," Andrew sighs, "do you want to stay here tonight?"
"Yes please", he whimpers. Oh captain my captain.

Meanwhile in Cambridge, Pete Baddoo scoffs a pre-bed steak and ale pie having lost to (or as The Tabs might put it, were "served on a plate" by) the Blues earlier that day. Foreshadowing I wonder...

20 days...#ShoeTheTabs #100Goals #100Shoes

MOM: Gabe Barrie
DOD: (Despite a nomination for MOM) Ryan Power