Men's Blues - Wednesday 8th November 2017 - BUCS South Prem - Exeter Home

On Wednesday the men’s Blues faced a very strong Exeter team in a match key to their BUCS finishing position. After a revolutionised warm up, the game got underway.

The teams were well matched, with both teams controlling the ball well and maintaining possession in offence. Exeter were the first to put the ball past the keeper in what looked like it would be an incredibly low scoring match. Oxford defence held strong, stopping many of Exeter’s offensive plays. In offence, Oxford maintained composure, but failed to get many shots on cage. 
During the 2nd quarter, the match remained fairly even. Exeter managed to put another goal past the Oxford Keeper. The Dark Blues managed to retaliate with a feed from Gabe to Cob on crease giving Oxford their first goal.

The second half remained relatively evenly matched, but Oxford failed to get their shots on cage or to capitalise on man up situations, with the Exeter defence well matched up against offensive threats. Unfortunately, Exeter managed to ping a few more into the net, leaving an Oxford side heavy with defeat, frustrated at the final result, despite a relatively evenly-played match and determined to learn from their mistakes and come out blazing in future matches!

Oxford 1 - 5 Exeter

Cob (1, 0)
Gabe (0, 1)