Men's Blues - Saturday 9th December 2017 - SEMLA East 1 - Hillcroft B Away

“Twas the week after laxmas, with the team ready to hit the highway
Not a creature was stirring, not even DSJ,
For he was tucked up all snug in his bed,
Whilst others on the bus where nursing their sore heads.”

The 12 man squad arrived and after a brief warm up the game got under way. Harry did well in the face offs, which turned even more fruitful after briefly communicating with the wing men. Hillcroft (HC) started the game confidently, seeing Oxford concede 3 goals. Captain Robert danced through the HC defences closing the gap on the score board, bringing the score to 3-2 HC. 

Going into the second half Oxford took the pedal off the gas with HC managing to score 2 goals and one unfortunate own goal. AFP treated the team to a delightful outside righty shot into the top left bins. It was sick. However to counteract this alpha play, some gamma ability shone through. Standing comfortably in attack having a little break (he was feeling loads tried after his mad shot) to find the culprit for this deed. Unfortunately a goal was conceded , followed by a baffled shout from Monty of “What was that!”.. Well yeah that was my bad (@unanimous DOD)

After half time Oxford return switched on finishing the half 1-1 with good competitive play and some great saves by Ruff.

Final quarter saw Harry score with a pass-shot-sort of goal sort of assist with Cob. He then finished the game with a slightly less accidental looking lefty underarm to top corner goal to finish the match.

Overall good competitive game but HC just looked a bit sharper. Keeper Ruff had a brilliant game and kept Ox in the match as well our D poles.

Final score Hillcroft 10 – 6 Oxford

Cob (3, 1)
Harry (2, 1)
AGO (1,0)

MOM: Cob