The Oxford University Men’s Lacrosse club narrowly failed to complete a monumental comeback on Wednesday afternoon, losing to Bath by 1 goal in a BUCS match after being down 5-1 at Halftime. Oxford consistently played the better lacrosse throughout the game, with only 1 of Bath’s goals coming through settled offense. Generally, the enemy plan of attack seemed to be “I guess I’ll just pass the ball left again! Isn’t LAX sweet?”

Transition, however, was a different story — in short, the blues got jumped. Our team consistently failed to handle the ball in clearing, failed to get open, and despite heroic efforts from in cage and by Tim “Dutch” Sweere to singlehandedly clear the ball Bath often got the ball back in a odd-man rush situation and stuck the easy goal. With a score of 6-1 at halftime, things were looking bleak.

It was at this moment that team Captain Gabe Barrie decided “f**k the free world, I’m putting the rock in the net.” And he did just that, singlehandedly re-igniting the offensive tempo and burying a few goals. On the other end of the field, defensive midfielder James Kershaw and that big American Grad student from Washington whose name I can’t remember started throwing some wood and sticking to their matchups. Just like that, the Game was 6-4 going into the fourth quarter.

And what a fourth quarter it was — shutoff plays by the defense, consistent shooting chances for the offense. Eventually, the boys stung one Man up and got it back within one. In the end, we just ran out of time.

What looked like it was going to be a disaster ended up being an enormous source of positive takeaways. The fellas fought hard and kept digging despite the score. Here’s to next week.

Men's Blues - Wednesday 12th October 2016 - BUCS South Prem - Bath