Oxford began strongly by playing mind games with our opposition, Spencer 2s, showing our supreme self-confidence by arriving at the pitch a solid five minutes before face-off. A revolutionary new warm up followed in which everyone did their own thing for a minute or two before face-off ensued.

Looking back, it hadn’t been an auspicious start. Cob arrived exhausted from his night-long search for missing person Zoe Thursz. Ryan Power woke up feeling sore after his physical intimacy with a Fever bouncer. And for Cameron Montgomery, insult was added to injury when Alex Harbord nicked his minibus and demanded an apology.

MoM and DoD were wrapped up early in the first quarter with Gabe Barrie slotting in a lovely low shot, and Charlie ‘not much of a’ Wall dropping the ball on a clear, leading to a Spencer attack man floating the ball over his head and into goal while he ran back.

After a rousing half-time speech from Monty, exhorting his team-mates with Kipling-like eloquence and British pluck to “******* **** the ****** you ********”, Oxford returned to the fray with our heads held high. The strength of our attack was rewarded with goals by Jefferson Smith and the Barry-Barrie duo, while in defence Will McKenzie slid to the attack men with the same devastating effect as he had slid between Monty and his chirpse on Wednesday night. But Monty’s pole had more success today, making a goal-line save on the ground.

After the final whistle, the boys retired to watch the rugby at the clubhouse, leaving all our valuables outside. We watched in awe as the endlessly re-played bounce of the egg-shaped ball just inside the side-line allowed Daly to kick it into the unguarded 22 and score the try, and, agog at Farrell’s steely-eyed conversion, were oblivious to James Kershaw having all his stuff nicked. But the chilli con carne was nice.

Score: Oxford 5 - 15 Spencer 2s

Jefferson 1
Gabe 2
Pete 2

Men's Blues - Saturday 18th November 2017 - SEMLA East 1 - Spencer 2s Away