Exeter Match Report
By DOD Andrew Bithell

After an early start both men’s and women's lacrosse teams were safely loaded onto the bus for Exeter. Despite strict rules governing segregation, Monty decide that the ladies needed to know he was there. To aid him in his endeavours Monty decided that smart attire and a signature blend of Calvin Klein and Lynx Africa were required. The team still await reports as to whether this tactic is successful.

After an hour of throw and catch, the women’s match was underway. Unfortunately, put off by a group of dazzling men on the sideline, the women immediately fell a few goals behind. The warm up then got going.

The game started well with a long range strike from Alex Harbord, who is still showing off the form he developed in Japan. Theo Hayes also got in on the action surviving some brutal checks to score his first goal from the club. However Exeter are a team of sporty blokes and this counted in their favour as they took a one goal lead in the first half.

The determination of Oxford to win every single ground ball was thoroughly demonstrated by Alistair body checking a poor fella from Exeter straight into a bush. As a general note I feel we should inform opposition teams that they shouldn’t bother contesting ground balls with a certain defensive member of our team.

As the second half progressed an aggressive team of sporty blokes were dogged defensively managing to keep the ball out of their net more often than not. However a defiant Oxford would not be kept quiet with Jake and Kyle combining to keep Oxford in the running. Gabe also managed to walk away from being triple D poled with the ball still in his stick. Kershaw was not as lucky as while bending his long frame over for a ground ball was promptly mounted by a keen attack man with a history of riding. It was during his confusion that Alistair asked me take his pole for the obvious reason that defence is simply too easy for him and it was time he bagged some goals.

Towards the end of the game Ryan had had enough being sent out to face off. This was clearly because the opposition player was going before Brucie’s whistle. However in reality this was due to Ryan being unable to take his gaze of Brucie's dazzling pink boots. So after a quick break (cheers Harbord), Ryan came back to win the last face of the day.
Unfortunately this was in vain as Exeter put in a clinical performance and came home with an 11-5 win.

Honourable Mentions
Ben making sure that everyone knew he’d been checked in the back.
Oli, Kyle and Will, all for a stellar debut performance
Ryan coming away with a MOM performance and a new lifelong hatred for Exeter’s face off bloke.
Heroic water run by James Rhodes and the DOD through the heat of a desert and stench of a Bristol rugby team.

Men's Blues - Wednesday 24th October 2017 - BUCS South Prem - Exeter Away