9:33 am - The fresher Hannahs arrive (late), my speaker uncharged, expecting a bollocking. But no. Our tardiness is overshadowed by the drama of the Missing Fresher. As one MPV heads off to the shithole that is Cambridge, her location is still unknown. More OULC members are roped in to the search and she is discovered in a deep slumber, from which she awakened too late to join us. And so the official Dick of the Day was left in Oxford, and the other MPV drive off, leaving us one sub short (and leaving me with the honorary DoD title for my uncharged speaker). We greeted the Tabs with an al fresco pee (or two) despite the 3rd Hannah having managed to avoid this throughout her whole DofE

We took the field and had a slow start, letting in 3 goals. However, after our timeout we came out fighting and levelled the playing field; the first half finished 4-4. The second half started with another succession of goals from Cambridge, but we quickly got back in the game with some strong draw control from Hannah McClintock. The close game continued with excellent redefence (and a fair few tactical fouls) from Oxford, which led to a score of 7-7 with 1.5 minutes to go, causing the Tabs to call a timeout. Sadly they won the next draw and got a quick goal before the final whistle. The final score of 8-7 to Cambridge just adds fuel to the fire of Varsity

Man of the Match goes to Hannah McClintock for her incredible cuts, shot placement and draw control.

DOD: Hannah O’Byrne

Women's Swifts - Wednesday 8th November 2017 - Cambridge Away