8.11.17 Blues vs Exeter

Ready and raring to go, after the long journey (of approximately 2 minutes down the road to Uni Parks), the Oxford Women's Blues team marched onto the pitch. We had our army of supporters out on the side line to cheer us on, including our own little fan club of doggos, dressed in matching "Oxford Dog" jackets. Following our narrow win against Exeter 11-8 from two weeks ago, we knew this was going to be a hard fought match.

The first whistle blew, and after a few quick passes, the first goal went to Oxford. The next goal went Exeter's way, due to a dud pass from Exeter, intended to be received by an attacker behind goal, rolling its way past the goalie (me) and into the back of the net. Not the best thing to happen when all your mates have come to watch you play for the first time. This resulted in me being (self-nominated as) Dick of the Day. The rest of the first half was closely fought, with Exeter managing to sneak a few quick goals from almost-unscorable angles and post drives. However, Oxford managed to edge ahead at half time, with the score after 30 minutes being 8-5.

With our sugar levels replenished, having scoffed down a packet of jelly babies as a team, we stepped back onto the pitch with confidence. The second half was also closely contested, with a few mistakes at both ends of the pitch costing us crucial goals. Three minutes to go, and Exeter were closing the gap on the score, only trailing by 1 goal. A timeout was called by Oxford, and followed with a fantastic draw from Drewe (we back you too Drewe) and perfect placement of the shot from Lizzie, we scored the final goal of the match.

Final whistle, Oxford 12 Exeter 10.

Blues are still unbeaten.

MOM: Eleanor Duck
DOD: Maddy Sketchley

Women's Blues - Wednesday 8th November 2017 - Exeter Home