Women's Lacrosse

Welcome to Oxford Women's Lacrosse! We're one of Oxford's largest womens teams and across the university we're

known for being outgoing and sociable, but also hard working. As one of the top lacrosse universities in the country

we have a successful blues (1st) team and a further successful swifts (2nd) team.

The squad has a really relaxed atmosphere and anybody is welcome to come along to training at the beginning of the season.

If you'd like more information or have any questions on training times and venues feel free to contact the current captain/vice captain Zoe or Feenie onZoe.Thursz@some.ox.ac.uk and Josephine.Ruiz@st-hughs.ox.ac.uk.

Hope to see you all on the pitch sometime soon!


Captain Blues: Zoe Thursz, Zoe.Thursz@some.ox.ac.uk

Vice Captain Blues: Alex Drewe, alexandra.drewe@some.ox.ac.uk

Swifts Captain: TBC

Swifts Vice Captain: TBC


Social secretaries: Miwa Sykes, Miwako.Sykes@spc.ox.ac.uk and Fia Cattermole, Sophia.Cattermole@some.ox.ac.uk 


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​Women's Lacrosse

Latest News

2016-2017 Mid-season report

OULC women’s squad started the season in what feels like the distant past; warm sunshine and players glowing with their various international tans at Marston for pre-season. There was the usual variety of returning players full of excitement and nervous freshers who had only ever been to Oxford for interviews before, but fear not, the freshers, both young and mature, soon became fully fledged members of the squad when stories of various ‘alternative’ toilet trips were revealed. During pre-season we managed to fit in a friendly against LEH school and of course the annual alumni day match to help kick start our competitive season before BUCS began.

The Blues started the season with a dominant away performance against Bath, winning 17-8. This was followed by a mixed match against Exeter at home where the half time score was 4-4, but sadly we couldn’t keep the same level of performance for the full 60mins. This has rung true of a number of subsequent matches, where we have drawn halves against Exeter again away, Cambridge and came very close to Bristol at home with a final score of 11-12. We have also secured further wins against Imperial 13-4 and a return home fixture against Bath 16-4. Whilst the first half of the season has felt frustrating at times, we feel we are yet to really prove our potential. Next term is looking exciting with Bristol, Cambridge and Imperial still to play in the Southern Premiership league and only a few points in it between the top 4 teams. There are huge amounts to be taken away from this term and built upon ready for the play offs in BUCS and of course varsity!

The Swifts were keen to get off to a strong start in the League, and our convincing 14-6 win against Nottingham Trent’s 1st team in our first competitive match certainly proved encouraging.  For the first half of the term, the Swifts were without a goalie, resorting to putting field players in goal. This certainly added a challenging dimension to the start of our season. Early on we faced Birmingham away. It was an incredibly close game resulting in a 9-8 loss. With Birmingham currently lying in first position, the Swifts are looking forward to facing them again as our first match next term. We were able to put the Birmingham game behind them and went on to secure a key 7-4 win against Warwick’s 1st team. On 2nd November the Swifts faced Cambridge, the first match for our new goalie. Despite lacking a few key players, the 10-3 loss is a score that will need rectifying next term! The Swifts ended the term on a high with a strong 16-9 win against Loughborough and a 14-3 victory in our first round of the BUCS Cup against Glasgow’s 1st team. Our mixed season so far is reflected by our third position in the League but prospects are looking promising. As the term progressed our attacking unit has become more confident and our defence more cohesive. The Swifts have been growing in skill and determination and are keen to build on the successes of the first half of the season with wins against Birmingham and Cambridge, in particular, who are currently the top two teams in the League to beat.

Whilst there has been a large spread of impressive performances across the squad, with everyone improving over the term, the stand-out performance and MVP for the whole term must go to CJ Lewis. She has made a seamless transition from straight attack to defence, consistently causing turn overs to gain possession back in defence, storming through the midfield and even adding a couple of goals to the score sheet in attack.

A special mention must go to both out goalies who are playing their first seasons in goal. Jayme has switched from an attacker to Blues goalie in what appears to be an effortless transition, excelling both in the goal and out to save shots, intercept passes and challenge the opposition for ground balls. Dani joined us halfway through this term and it is still unknown to many of us quite how Anna Mac recruited her from the Brasenose college football team! Having no experience of lacrosse ever before she could have fooled us come 8th week. She has had a huge impact on the Swifts team, learning rapidly which is massively helped by her bold, fearless attitude in goal.

Both teams have been hard at work of the vacation making sure we are fit and raring to go for a busy term of BUCS league, cup and play-offs, as well as a series of friendly matches, making sure we are ready to smash some tabs and secure a double varsity win!


2014-2015 Season Report


​The Women's Blues have had a fantastic season this year, consistently and constructively learning from, and building upon, mistakes and experiences as they progressed through BUCS, and towards Varsity. At the mid-point of the season we were in a strong position in the University league, and had put in a decent performance against the Tabs in our first clash, 6-10. Unfortunately we struggled again to field a full Blues team in our second meet due to academic pressures, but still put up a strong fight away with the final result standing at 9-4. This meant that we finished the Premier South division in fourth place. Whilst this is by no means the strongest position OULC has established in the past, we were happy with the fight and determination with which we had consistently played against the sides in this year's very talented division. Finishing in fourth meant that our quarter-final clash would be against Durham, who had finished first in the Premier North league (and later went on to win BUCS). An away fixture in Durham is never an appealing concept; especially when you only have 12 players exactly! Nevertheless, we ventured North on the 25th February, just over a week before Varsity, to Palatinate Planet. The final score was 12-2 to Durham but, given this Northern side had been putting in blitzing performances with goal differences of well over fifteen, we were happy with the way in which we held out, and delighted to have the opportunity to play against such a high-quality side so close to Varsity.

The Blues played a friendly fixture against Birmingham at home in the week of Varsity, which we won convincingly. Playing at University Parks meant that, for the first time, we could be flexible with organisation and field a full team. The match against the Northern side who had done so well in their division gave us confidence before Varsity, and we felt prepared as a squad. Unfortunately, on the day, the Tabs (or rather, one individual Tab) proved too strong for the Blues, and we came away with a disappointing loss of 15-5.

The Blues should be proud, however, to have so consistently played as a team throughout the season. Given the unusually high fluctuation and movement of players between the two strong squads throughout the season to accommodate for clashes and absences, the cohesion and discipline with which the Blues played is testament to the excellent atmosphere and work ethic in the women’s club. Eleanor Hinde did an absolutely fantastic job as captain this season, and the club will be especially sad to see her and all other Finalists leave this year. That said, we have a lot of promising new talent moving into the Blues next year and our enthusiasm is as unrelenting as ever. We will look to build upon the experiences of last season and start the forthcoming one with dedication, total focus and ambition. With an historic home Varsity to aim towards, we have every intention of regaining the trophy and shoeing the Tabs in 2016.


​The 2014-15 season was an extremely successful one for the Oxford Swifts, which saw their match success increasing dramatically as the season progressed. Despite getting off to a slightly shaky start, losing by 5 and 10 goals to Cambridge and Loughborough respectively in some of the team’s first fixtures, at no point did the determination to succeed falter. The Swifts trained extremely hard throughout the entire season, and during it was during the second half of the 2014-15 season that their hard work truly began to reap the rewards that this team deserved.

Despite having suffered a heavy loss to Loughborough, the second time the Swifts faced this team, they were able to completely reverse the previous score line, securing a 10 goal win. The team were also triumphant against York 1st team in the Bucs knock-out cup, managing to retain the lead by one goal after a strong fight back from York in the dying minutes of the game.

The highlight of this team’s season was undoubtedly their performance in the 2015 Varsity Match. Despite having to Cambridge on both of their encounters earlier in the season, the Swifts entered the match with great determination to win. With just 11 minutes of the match left to go, the Oxford Swifts were 7-2 down to the Cambridge Kingfishers. However, in the final 11 minutes the team were able to draw on everything they had worked on during the season, and were able to claw back the 5 goal deficit to win 8-7, with the final goal being scored in the last 15 seconds of the match. This match echoed the grit and determination that each player on this team had to succeed, and brought a great end to an extremely successful season for the Swifts.

2013-14 Season Report

The 2013-2014 season was extremely successful throughout and the Blue's and Swifts glorious Varsity Wins in March are testimony to that! Led
by captain Hellie Kellett-Clarke, v-c Lucy Andrew
and Coach Raj both teams trained hard, whatever the weather in order to improve on every aspect
of their games.

The blues had a weaker start, coming second in their opening game against Exeter, but swiftly getting over these initial teething problems to later beat them (and all the other teams in the South section of BUCS) in the second half of the season. This does not include Cambridge, who we lost to
in our first game, drew to second time round and then completely smashed at varsity! A comfortable quarter-final win versus Manchester led us to Durham away and an 11-6 defeat where we definitely gave them a run for their money. 

The swifts also had a fantastic year, coming top
of their division in BUCS, only losing the one game throughout the tournament. Captains Dawn Drean and Alice Jamison led them to a varsity win and right up to the semi-finals where they lost to
Leeds 1st team. This puts us in good spirits for 2014-2015!