There are two women's lacrosse teams at Oxford, the Blues and the Swifts.

If you're about to come to Oxford and are interested in playing, get in touch with the Captains, Ellie Thompson and Katie McCarthy;


The Women's Blues have been competing in BUCS for over a decade, and have been particularly successful in recent years. In the 2018-19 season, they progressed through to the BUCS semi-finals after beating Nottingham in the quarter-finals. In the 2019-20 season, they again saw success after success, making it to the semi-finals against Durham, last year's defending champions. This year, the Blues team were honoured to be nominated for the "Blues Team of the Year" award by Oxford University for their success this season. 

The Swifts have been moving from strength to strength playing in the Southern Premier 2 league. This year they finished 3rd in their league and faced a close loss to Surrey in the Women's Trophy. Unfortunately, the BUCS 8s tournament this year has been postponed this year, but the squad is keen to defend their title as winners, having won the past 3 consecutive years.

Both teams saw victory at the annual Varsity match against Cambridge. For more details and match reports please click here. 

Training Times: (subject to change for upcoming year) 

  • 2 tactical sessions a week: 

    • Sunday 5:45-7:15pm at Iffley Astro ​

    • Tuesday 7:00-8:30am at MCS Astro (subject to change depending on light) 

  • 1 fitness session: 

    • either Friday 7:30am or Saturday 10am at Uni Parks ​

  • 1 Strength and Conditioning session: 

    • Blues: Saturday 11:30am at Iffley Blues Gym  ​

    • Swifts: Thursday 5pm at Iffley 

Our Teams (2019-20)  


Maddy Sketchley (GK) 

Katie McCarthy 

Franziska Putz

Cat Tiplady 

Betty Shuttleworth 

Lottie Hoskin 

Isabel Windsor 

Natasha Rix 

Rachel Hewitt 

Elinor Harris 

Bea Webber 

Alex Drewe (C)

Katie Rouse 

Lizzie Evans (C) 

Anna Schildmeyer

Millie Currie 

Hannah O'Byrne


Tora Morgan (GK) 

Ticiana Alencar 

Immy Davies 

Rosie Odgers 

Helena Peacock (C) 

Hannah Callaghan 

Farida Adewale 

Izumi Magee 

Jolie Stallone 

Jade Yarrow 

Anna Carse

Franceska FitzGerald

Anya Robinson 

Liv Hilton 

Alice Hart (C)

Jessamy Money-Kyrle

Charka Stout 

Sonya Evlanchik 

Liv Wisden 

Match Results and Reports (2019-20)



Blues: Oxford 5 - 12 Durham



Blues: Oxford 11 - 5 Edinburgh 



Swifts: Oxford 9 - 12 Surrey  


Blues: Oxford 9 - 2 Bristol 

Swifts: Oxford 10 - 8 Bristol 


Blues: Oxford 10 - 7 Cambridge 


Swifts: Oxford 9- 8 Cambridge 


Blues: Oxford 18 - 7 Bath 

Swiftss: Oxford 9 - 11 UCL 


Blues: Oxford 19 - 5 Cardiff 

Swifts: Oxford 19- 4 Imperial 


Blues: Oxford 5 - 18 Exeter 

Swifts: Oxford 8- 18 Exeter 


Blues: Oxford 12 - 5 Cambridge 

Swifts: Oxford 8 - 4 Cambridge 


Blues: Oxford 16 - 7 Bristol 

Swifts: Oxford 13 - 6 Bristol 



Blues: Oxford 13 - 7 Bath 

Swifts: Oxford 7 - 16 UCL 


Blues: Oxford 6 - 13 Exeter 

Swifts: Oxford 3 - 20 Exeter 


Blues: Oxford 17 - 4 Cardiff 

Swifts: Oxford 12 - 11 Imperial 


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